The Churchill Icebreaker

We created a special summer cocktail for you: The Churchill Icebreaker
It’s so refreshing, we’ll drink it all summer long!

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Red Bull Air Race event

Churchill’s celebrated the Red Bull Air Race weekend in Porto with a two day event. Take a look at some of the best moments!

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Churchill’s has launched a new campaign that celebrates new traditions associated with Port Wine.

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Do you know your favourite Port style?

Churchill’s launched the “Rethink Port Wine” campaign with a Taste Discovery event, where the brand invited consumers to a new and innovative experience of Tasting port wine.

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Sense the Taste

Churchill’s wanted to prototype a new way to experience port wine. The concept was to create a way to “taste” the wine without tasting it, using science & technology.

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Salmon with green asparagus

An interesting combination of flavours that goes well with Churchill’s Dry White Port.

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